Yiling Yang's Paper Accepted by TC

Yiling Yang, Yu Huang, Xiaoxing Ma and Jian Lu's paper, titled as “Enabling Context-awareness by Predicate Detection in Asynchronous Environments", was accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computers. Congratulations to them

More information about their work can be found here.


Pervasive applications are involving more and more autonomous computing and communicating devices, augmented with the abilities of sensing and controlling the logical / physical environment. To enable context-awareness for such applications, we are challenged by the intrinsic asynchrony of the computing environment. Predicate detection is a well studied technique dedicated to detecting global predicates over asynchronous computations and can be employed to achieve context-awareness of the asynchronous environment. However, there is no methodological framework which guides us to systematically apply the abstract predicate detection theory to the development of concrete context-aware applications. To this end, we present the Predicate Detection-based Context-Awareness (PD-CA) framework. PD-CA maps the concepts of context-awareness to concepts of predicate detection. PD-CA also presents a design process of providing middleware support for context-aware applications. Under the guidance of the PD-CA framework, we design and implement the Middleware Infrastructure for Predicate detection in Asynchronous environments (MIPA). We also propose the programming toolkit to facilitate the development of context-aware applications based on MIPA, and demonstrate the use of the toolkit by a case study of a chemical plant safety management application. Experimental evaluations show the performance of MIPA in enabling context-awareness despite of the asynchrony.

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