2019 Spring

16:00-17:00, Every Tuesday, Room 229

Discuss software engineering, programming language, and system papers that have novel and significant contributions. Tool tutorials are also welcomed.

Past Talks

  • (Mar 5) Wenjie Li: Characterizing and Detecting Inefficient Image Displaying Issues in Android Apps.
  • (Mar 12) Zenan Li: Towards Optimal Concolic Testing [ICSE 18].
  • (Mar 19) Zelin Zhao: Mvedsua: Higher Availability Dynamic Software Updates via Multi-Version Execution [ASPLOS 19], Shaocong Liu: Self-Hiding Behavior in Android Apps: Detection and Characterization [ICSE 18].
  • (Mar 26) Dongjie Chen: Optimistic Hybrid Analysis: Accelerating Dynamic Analysis through Predicated Static Analysis [ASPLOS 18].
  • (Apr 2) Huiyan Wang: CRADLE: Cross-Backend Validation to Detect and Localize Bugs in Deep Learning Libraries [ICSE 19].
  • (Apr 9) Weiyu Ye: Optimus: An Efficient Dynamic Resource Scheduler for Deep Learning Clusters [EuroSys 18].
  • (Apr 16) Yuju Shen: Singularity: Pattern Fuzzing for Worst Case Complexity [FSE 18].
  • (Apr 23) Yi Liu: Reproducing Crashes in Android Apps from Bug Reports [ICSE 19], Qingwei Sun: GUILeak: tracing privacy policy claims on user input data for Android applications [ICSE 18]
  • (Apr 30) Jue Wang: AppFlow: Using Machine Learning to Synthesize Robust, Reusable UI Tests[FSE 18]
  • (May 7) Dawei Chen: Guiding Deep Learning System Testing using Surprise Adequacy [ICSE 19]
  • (May 14) Yang Cao: Automatically Generating Search Heuristics for Concolic Testing[ICSE 18]
  • (May 21) Jingxin Fan: Feedback-Directed Differential Testing of Interactive Debuggers[FSE 18]
  • (May 28) Di Huang: Chopped Symbolic Execution[ICSE 18], Yuehuan Wang: Adversarial Sample Detection for Deep Neural Network through Model Mutation Testing[ICSE 19]
  • (Jun 4) Jinci Chen: A Novel Neural Source Code Representation based on Abstract Syntax Tree[ICSE 19]
  • (Jun 18) Da Li: Harnessing Evolution for Multi-Hunk Program Repair [ICSE'19]
  • (Jun 18) Chenxi Zhang: Finding and Preventing Bugs in JavaScript Binding [S&P 17]
  • (Jun 25) Fengmin Shi: Learning to Spot and Refactor Inconsistent Method Names[ICSE 19]
  • (Jul 9) Cong Li: Deep Differential Testing of JVM Implementations [ICSE 19], Yanxiang Tong: A system identification based Oracle for control-CPS software fault localization [ICSE 19]
  • (Jul 16) Xianfei Ou: Hacking blind [IEEE SSP 14]. To detect stack buffer overflow with polymorphic canaries [IEEE DSN 18]

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