2018 Fall

  • (Sep 11) Jinci Chen: Avoiding the Familiar to Speed Up Test Case Reduction [QRS 18]; Rui Qiu: Learning to Prioritize Test Programs for Compiler Testing [ICSE 17].
  • (Sep 18) Zenan Li: DeepGauge: Multi-Granularity Testing Criteria for Deep Learning Systems [ASE 18].
  • (Sep 25) Di Huang: SEEDE: Simultaneous Execution and Editing in a Development Environment [ASE 18]; Yi Liu: Efficiently Manifesting Asynchronous Programming Errors in Android Apps [ASE 18].
  • (Oct 9) Yuehuan Wang: DeepMutation: Mutation Testing of Deep Learning Systems [ISSRE 18].
  • (Oct 16) Jingxin Fan: Software Performance Self-Adaptation through Efficient Model Predictive Control [ASE 17]; Da Li: Tell Them Apart: Distilling Technology Differences from Crowd-Scale Comparison Discussions [ASE 18].
  • (Oct 23) Zelin Zhao: Disjunctive Program Synthesis: a Robust Approach to Programming by Example [AAAI 2018].
  • (Oct 30) Yuju Shen: A Symbolic Model Checking Approach to the Analysis of String and Length Constraints [ASE 18]; Jue Wang: Towards Model Checking Android Applications [TSE 18].
  • (Nov 6) Dawei Cheng: DeepRoad: GAN-Based Metamorphic Testing and Input Validation Framework for Autonomous Driving Systems [ASE 18].
  • (Nov 13) Shaocong Liu: Neural-Augmented Static Analysis of Android Communication [FSE 18]; Dongjie Chen: Why is Random Testing Effective for Partition Tolerance Bugs? [POPL 18].
  • (Nov 20) Yang Cao: T-Fuzz: Fuzzing by Program Transformation [SP 18].
  • (Nov 27) Fengmin Shi: ExceLint: Automatically Finding Spreadsheet Formula Errors [OOPSLA 18].
  • (Dec 4) Chenxi Zhang: Using Finite-State Models for Log Differencing [FSE 18].
  • (Dec 11) Cong Li: PerfFuzz: Automatically Generating Pathological Inputs [ISSTA 18].
  • (Dec 18) Huiyan Wang: MODE: Automated Neural Network Model Debugging via State Differential Analysis and Input Selection [FSE 18].
  • (Dec 25) Wenjie Li: BLeak: Automatically Debugging Memory Leaks in Web Applications [PLDI 18].
  • (Jan 8) Yanxiang Tong: Testing vision-based control systems using learnable evolutionary algorithms [ICSE 18].
  • (Jan 15) Qingwei Sun: Detecting and Summarizing GUI Changes in Evolving Mobile Apps [ASE 18]; Weiyu Ye: Automated Control of Multiple Software Goals using Multiple Actuators [FSE 17].

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