2017 Fall

  • Rui Qiu (Jan 30): Finding deep compiler bugs via guided stochastic program mutation [OOPSLA15].
  • Shengtao Yue (Jan 23): Mobile Application Impersonation Detection Using Dynamic User Interface Extraction [ESORICS16].
  • Dawei Cheng (Jan 16): Testing Machine Learning Systems [TSE14].
  • Yi Liu (Jan 9): Metamorphic Testing of RESTful Web APIs [TSE17].
  • Wenjie Li (Jan 2): EnergyPatch Repairing Resource Leaks to Improve Energy-efficiency of Android Apps [TSE17].
  • Weiyu Ye (Dec 26): Analyzing Latency-Aware Self-Adaptation Using Stochastic Games and Simulations.

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