Yanyan Jiang 蒋炎岩

Assistant Researcher,
SPAR - CASTLE Joint Group
Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University

Ph.D. (Nanjing University , 2017)
Visiting Scholar (Ohio State University , 2015)


I'm a coder striving to make programs (and programmer's world) better. I'm interested in automated technologies for software and systems: testing, analysis, and synthesis. Chronological list of my publications. (欢迎关注知乎专栏:软件工程研究漫谈 )

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I'm co-supervising graduate students with Prof. Chang Xu and Prof. Xiaoxing Ma. We also welcome undergraduate research interns.

Current: Wenjie Li 李文杰 (PhD, Android), Dongjie Chen 陈冬杰 (PhD, Kernel and concurrency), Jue Wang 王珏 (PhD, Android), Da Li 李达 (PhD, program repair), Xianfei Ou 欧先飞 (PhD, compilers), Cong Li 李聪 (PhD, Android), Daohan Qu 屈道涵 (PhD, runtime systems), Qinlin Chen 陈钦霖 (MSc, testing), Yicheng Huang 黄奕诚 (MSc, spreadsheet), Yiding Li 李一丁 (MSc, compilers), Xinyi Mao 毛心怡 (MSc, regex analysis), Enmeng Liu 刘恩萌 (Undergrad, empirical software engineering), Yifan Pei 裴一凡 (Undergrad, regex anlaysis), Wei He 何伟 (Undergrad, Android), Tianyun Zhang 张天昀 (Undergrad, software updates), Hantong Liu 刘晗桐 (Undergrad, software analysis).

Past (Details; feel free to ask them for anything you want to know about our research group!):


Honors and Awards

  • 2018-2020 CCF Elite Youth Scientists Sponsorship Program (Top 6 in China).
  • 2018 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award.
  • 2018 CCF Docotral Disseration Award (Top 5 in China), ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination (Top 5 in China).
  • 2016 Distinguished Student of Nanjing University (the only PhD student out of ten winners).
  • 2014 MSRA Fellowship Award; 2015 and 2010 National Scholarship;
  • First Place in 2014 Huawei Cup Regional Programming Contest; Second Place in 2012 Tencent Hackathon.
  • I competed in ACM-ICPC regional contests for two Gold Medals and earned 49th Place in the 2009 World Finals.

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